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Welcome to Rovers Solidarity, the project of the Rovers footwear firm aimed at fighting for a fairer society, where all people have the same opportunities to develop their qualities and abilities without obstacles under the same conditions, in short, a better society.

Rovers Solidarity is a personal project of Geli Brotons-founder, designer and soul of Rovers-where she, from her own life experiences, makes the decision to put all her efforts into materializing it.

The benefit of the products and services of the Rovers firm goes to solidarity through the Rovers Solidarity brand. In the following lines you can learn and delve deeper into the reality of this great project.


As she acknowledges – “talking about Geli is talking about all the people who have accompanied her from the beginning of her life”.

She was born in 1956 into a typical family of those years. Her father was a farmer, and when she was just three years old, she was already a child who worked in the fields and her mother was one of the few women who was able to access professional studies at a time when women did not have access to The education.

Her father’s family, led by a very stern patriarch and a blind mother, raised Geli’s father as a “working boy”. A teacher went to her country house to teach the children the four basic rules and did so for a period of about three months.


Throughout its business history, each and every one of the people who make up Rovers have become aware of the importance of satisfying the needs of our customers without forgetting respect for the environment, -which is still another their needs and by extension everyone’s.

To this end, Rover has been defining, applying, correcting and adapting a Policy with the main commitments of the Organization in relation to Quality and the Environment.


Rovers’ objective is to ensure that all the services it provides to its clients meet the requirements demanded by them, as well as those that the company decides to assume voluntarily, and their associated environmental aspects, trying to cover each and every one of their needs.

In order to achieve these goals and objectives, the management of Rovers and, by extension, its entire work team commit themselves to the best of their ability to comply with a series of commitments and/or principles:

Product quality and services:

  • Quality means continuously improving Rovers products and their complementary services, as well as processes by preventing problems, rather than simply detecting them.
  • The acquisition of material means (raw materials, tools and processes) necessary to guarantee the highest quality of services, as well as the establishment of measures to ensure continuous improvement.Ç
  • Compliance with all environmental legal requirements applicable to Rovers’ activities, as well as the objectives of this nature, always trying to go beyond these legal requirements if possible.

Management of human resources

  • Awareness and responsibility of the entire Rovers work team of the fundamental processes to achieve excellence in the product, the service and the environment. Quality can only be achieved through all employees, so their participation is extremely important both in achieving the expected quality levels and in their permanent improvement.
  • Commitment to implement the necessary actions so that Rovers staff are trained, participate and actively commit to achieving the comprehensive quality of products and services, respect for the environment, encouraging the development of good environmental practices among staff.

Management of our material resources:

  • Promote the efficient use of all resources, while ensuring the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials, as well as the reduction in the generation of waste.
  • Commit to the prevention, reduction and elimination of environmental risks arising from Rovers activities, through the adoption of practices that respect the environment.

User and customer satisfaction:

  • The activities and services of Rovers are intended to achieve the full satisfaction of users and customers. Excellence and quality understood in its maximum globality.

Management system:

  • Rovers undertakes to carry out as many actions as necessary to establish quality and continuous improvement of management systems, which allows the objectives set to be achieved at all times, all within a global framework of sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • Applicable to the activities of Rovers, as well as the objectives that are set of this nature, always trying to go beyond these legal requirements if possible.

The work philosophy of Rovers is based on these pillars of quality and the environment and they will serve as a reference for the establishment of specific objectives, being subject to a review for their continuous adaptation.

In order for these guidelines to be met, the necessary human and technical resources will be provided, and the commitment to monitor, measure and analyze the processes involved by defining objectives and other system improvement tools is assumed. Likewise, the necessary actions will be implemented to achieve the planned results and the continuous improvement of these processes.

It is the responsibility of everyone who works at Rovers to know the quality and environment policy, act in accordance with it and comply with the provisions of the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System implemented by the company.


Defora Foundation

Rovers The Solidarity Brand focuses all its charitable actions on the Defora Foundation, which was created by Geli Brotons and whose main objective is the labor integration of people with different abilities in society.

The Defora Foundation was born in a social context in which people with disabilities have special difficulties in leading a life in equal conditions and opportunities as the rest, and therefore, aspire to a hopeful future.

At the Defora Foundation we want to create the right conditions so that people with some type of disability are included in society; and the best way we know to achieve this goal is through a job. A paid job that allows them to increase their independence and develop their abilities to the maximum: manual skills, creativity, emotions, etc. In short, learning a trade and transferring that knowledge to the rest of society in the form of a final product or service.

The Defora Foundation aims to be the space for coexistence and learning where you can acquire useful tools to access a life full of opportunities. A space that gives security and tranquility to families, that serves as an umbrella by offering the support, preparation necessary to face the day to day when we are no longer around.

The Defora Foundation has the ambition to endure over time, that its breath remains throughout the generations and that it can guarantee many families in this situation that their children will have a future created by their own hands, a better future.